Friday, April 9, 2010

Download PLAN J

Buat guru-guru yang masih belum faham tentang PLAN J silalah download fail berikut :


  1. Tak boleh buka la..try upload lagi boleh..?
    poneng dah den nie..

  2. wokeh2 don wory...mmg ade problem..jap2..

  3. ok...dah boleh buka plan J...cube k...kali ni insyaAllah takde prob

  4. I can see that these web page have been updated. i have been following these site for quite sometimes. and congratulation and keep it on. To all the teachers. As a mother i gave full faith to the teachers to give the best to their student. But please teacher JANGAN PILIH BULU. It just need alittle effort to get the stuborn guys and gals to the top.


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